Design Your Survey

simple indeed

Designing a survey is a very straightforward business. Let's make one and you will see how easily you can use it.

After you log in you will see your dashboard and in the top right you will see a create button

This will open the survey creation page

As you will see there are four areas to consider:

welcome page
thank you page

Let's look at each in more detail


This is where you will spend most of you time developing your survey, and we are going to create one for this site here. There are a few things to fill in to start:

We need to give the survey a name, start date, end date and finally a redirection URL if you want one (the page to which they will be sent  after you thank them). You can also restrict the survey to certain IP addresses, mark it as unpublished or private.

So we start with our survey for this site. We only need the title and the final redirect page

Now we can add a questions.

Let's just pause to think about steps. Each survey is a collection of questions and steps. A step is really a page which contains one or more questions.

So let's ask for their country as our first question. Once you press the add question you will see the item changes:

Obviously we do not want to add a new step here as we would start with a blank so let's add a question - which country are you from?

As we start making our questions we are shown to the right how things are developing

Now when we look at the at the answer line we have options for the type of answer

We have chosen Country, so a list of countries are shown.

We have chosen inline answers and a placeholder text

This places a searchable drop down for us with no other work on our part - with flags!

You will see 34% at the top - the system calculates the percentage the individual has used.

Next we want a new page (step) and ask them to rate the site. So we start a new step and ask our next question.

This will add all that is required for our rating including reactions:

As you can see back and next buttons are placed for you. And here are some reactions:

Now we will add a "tell us you comments question" and invite an email on a new step and then we will put a "welcome" page.

Finally we can play with the design

Have a look at our final very small survey by using the menu.











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